Console gamers, it is time to enter a new era of gaming freedom. Improve your gaming sessions by prioritizing comfort and stability. Introducing the Playseat® CHAMP gaming seat – your gateway to a versatile gaming experience. Our MotionForce™ rubber feet keep you at peak performance, ensuring unwavering stability.


The Playseat® | Champ active gaming seat offers the freedom to move seamlessly while maintaining an optimal sitting position. Whether you are in full-on attack mode or playing defensively, it adapts to your every move. Say hello to an extended gaming experience filled with comfort and precision. It is not just a seat; it is your gaming companion, designed to enhance your skills and maximize your enjoyment.


Discover the ultimate comfort with Playseat®'s groundbreaking ActiFit™ fabric, designed to support your body while keeping you cool during extended gaming sessions. Embrace optimal breathability and a perfect body temperature to focus solely on your racing adventures. Stay in the zone for as long as you desire without breaking a sweat.


The Playseat® | Champ Active Gaming Seat offers practicality with four knitted easy-access pockets. These thoughtfully designed pockets provide convenient storage for your gaming accessories, including controllers, smartphones, and TV remotes, ensuring you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Playseat® Champ NBA Edition

Golden State Warriors

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  1. 100%
    Fantastic beautiful advice
  2. 100%
  3. 100%
    Very comfortable gamining chair! Still comfortable even after hours. Definitely worth the money!
  4. 80%
    Really easy to assemble, but when it was finished it was on the smaller size. It is very comfortable to play on, it is meant probably for children though.
  5. 60%
    The design of is easy on the eyes. It was very simple and easy to assemble. Kind of expensive for what you get.

    It was comfortable for my kids, but as a larger guy(6’1” 260lbs) I could never get quite comfortable enough.

    I ended up returning it due to the cost being fairly high.
  6. 100%
    Very neat workmanship, high quality and a decent sitting experience. It is a proud price but also very high quality packaging. Clear buy recommendation
  7. 60%
    It's not as comfortable as it seems in some reviews. The idea is fine, but the chair does not have reinforcements, it is a fabric just between some bars so, it must be depending on the weight; quite a bit of fringe the chair and the bars are nailed to you.

    With the price that it has, I expected much more.
  8. 60%
    At first glance after the easy assembly, it seemed a bit small and unstructured to withstand heavy weights as all the effort goes only on the fabric not having a superior structure. Unfortunately, I came with a part of ironed fabric and some very slow seams, as if they were to yield, I immediately asked for a return.
  9. 80%
    The seat is lower than I imagined, so it is very good for watching TV and playing games in the living room. It's easy to carry around and move around the room. It weighs 7 kg, but feels lighter.
    It doesn't shake like a rock chair, so it's great if you want to watch a movie because it has a sense of stability.
    The space to store the remote control is very convenient.
  10. 80%
    It is slightly smaller than I would expect but perfect for wherever you place it, I would say that it is more for console gaming, it is quite comfortable and it is light to wear anywhere.
  11. 80%
    ■ About assembly, it is easy
    because you only need to combine the colors of the seals with each other.
    (Can be assembled in about 5 minutes)
    ■Feeling of use The
    frame is covered with a cover and stretched, making it harder than “fluffy”.
    It also reduces the weight, making it a weight that even women can easily carry.
    The sense of size was just about me, whose height is 170cm or higher.
    ■ General Review You can
    this chair at home for playing games, reading books, resting a little, or “while”. However, if you want to be completely relaxed, an ordinary sofa
    is recommended, so you need to consider its use.
  12. 80%
    Cool part. My husband often sits on it because a comfortable play position is not possible on our sofa. My husband weighs more than 150 kilos and the chair holds him well. Recommendation by us
  13. 100%
    It's low to the ground but that's part of the design. Consider possibly lowering your screen/tv if possible but it's easy to get used to.
  14. 60%
    I loved the idea of this, lightweight, breathable, but unfortunately this has left it quite uncomfortable
  15. 100%
    …and end up by going to bed at a proper time!!

    Very easily constructed (unless you do not have horizontally-opposed thumbs & . only half a brain) and more importantly stored. It comes in a very suitable for re-storage.

    Expensive - indeed! But worth every penny!
  16. 100%
    My 14-year-old grandson was so excited about his gift he immediately began to assemble it. It took maybe 10 minutes to assemble. He loves it!
  17. Works like a charm, and comfy too
  18. 100%
    I struggle to to get comfy on purpose sate chairs. This is a real game changer is you love fifa lol.
  19. 100%
    The chair is well designed for console gaming. Your posture during gaming would improve tremendously compared to sitting on a sofa or sitting on the floor. You now have to sit naturally straight or lean back on the hammock-style seat. We were so pleased with it that we bought a second chair. We now use it to watch TV due to the posture benefits. Excellent fit if your height is about 1.6-1.7m. Your head will be resting on the headrest when leaning back.
  20. 100%
    These chairs are so comfortable to be gaming chairs. They are great in my space and my boys love them.
  21. 100%
    Seat is very well built and heavy duty. Our nine year old son uses it and it’s held up great.
  22. 100%
    Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. super comfortable and he says he prefers this over a regular gaming chair ! Really easy to assemble just follow the directions.
  23. 100%
    This chair has easy assembly and instructions. I don't really know why another review said they look cheap because I think the shape makes them look bad ass and pricey. There are few gaming chairs that allow you to lean back or forward so freely. I will say that there probably more suited for short or slim people. It's not a very big chair. I am 5'5 and 140 for reference
  24. 100%
    Was skeptical at first. But my son loved it so much I had to buy a 2nd one for my daughter. It’s versatile and even I enjoy using it as someone with chronic back pain.
  25. 100%
    Easy to assemble and relocate, comfortable to use, many different sitting positions possible. Looks clean and minimalist as well.


For the console gaming enthusiast, the Playseat® CHAMP gaming seat offers unmatched freedom of movement while ensuring control. Whether you are leaning forward for intense action or reclining for a moment of relaxation, this chair effortlessly accommodates your preferred gaming posture. Take control, seize victory, and redefine your gaming experience today.


The flex-free pedals in this setup are engineered to endure and adapt to intense braking forces, giving racers the assurance to apply full deceleration. For those who seek a seamless and immersive driving experience, the wheelbase is designed to accommodate direct drive steering wheels, allowing for easy integration into the system.


  • Feel complete freedom of movement
  • Ultimate comfort thanks to our special breathable ActiFit™ material
  • Total control through MotionForce™ base with rubber feet
  • Storage pockets for accessories such as phone, controller and TV remote
  • Set it up in just a few seconds and get your game face on
  • Ideal for all consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) and mobile games
  • Perfect lounge chair for streaming your favourite show

More Information

Product Name
Playseat® Champ NBA Edition
Golden State Warriors
Product dimensions LxWxH
7 kg
Frame material
Lightweight Carbon Quality Steel
Recommended driver length (cm/inches)
Minimum 120cm / 47 inches Maximum 220cm / 87 inches
Recommended driver weight (kg/lbs)
Minimum 20kg / 44 LBS Maximum 120kg / 269 LBS
Package dimensions LxWxH (cm/inches)
77x13x38cm / 31.1x5.1x15.35 inches
Package weight (kg/lbs)
8kg / 17.6 LBS
Item Returns
This item can be returned


  1. 100%
    Fantastic beautiful advice
  2. 100%
  3. 100%
    Very comfortable gamining chair! Still comfortable even after hours. Definitely worth the money!
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