The Playseat Challenge X - Logitech G Edition puts you right in the driver's seat to experience the thrill of racing. Extremely lightweight, quick to setup/store and fully adjustable racing positions with breathable Actifit™️ material for total comfort and immersion.


At only 11,6 kg the seat can be quickly folded and stored away - the ideal companion for drivers who want the full racing experience without the need of a dedicated space.


Drift or shift? No problem. The Playseat Challenge X - Logitech G Edition comes equipped with gearshift mount, allowing you to upgrade your race experience with the Logitech G Driving Force Shifter.

Playseat® Challenge X


94 % of 100

Take your steering wheel and pedals from your desk to the Playseat® Challenge X, as this racing cockpit is the gateway to the most realistic real-life racing experience at home. With an innovative design and exceptional stability, this lightweight wonder provides an easy setup and storage in just 10 seconds. Unleash your racing potential with the Playseat® Challenge X - the perfect blend of comfort, style, and performance. It even comes with a gearshiftsupport included!

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  1. 80%
    If you are thinking of buying this do it, it's fantastic. Only flaw for me is where the pedals attach the move about now and then. That's why it's 4 stars. Bit pricey for a deck chair but it's super comfy and really easy to fold up and put it away... BUY IT!!!!
  2. 100%
    Been looking at this model for a year and from the pictures thought it was a over priced camping chair. How wrong i was! Quality and build is great and at 6”2 I feel confortable very adjustable. The wheel platform is sturdy enough and has a neat way of opening to let you get in to the seat. Pedal holder can be adjusted for that F1 lie down position too. For the price it’s impressive!
  3. 100%
    Great product if you're struggling on permanent space.. folds up nicely with pedals and wheels fixed in place. Sturdy enough for the fanatec wheel ... Love mine
  4. 100%
    Bought this as a birthday present for my son. He really likes it. It’s a great space saver, in that ,once the steering wheel is attached to the frame, it doesn’t need to be taken off. The seat can be set up for individual comfort. A bit expensive, but well worth the money.
  5. 100%
    Fantastic buy. Muiltiple positions to play racing games. Made a great difference for f1 2019 on ps4 with my logitech g29 steering wheel. So comfortable and when im finished fold up like a ironing board to store away. Wish i bought this before instead of a stand. Great buy. Must buy if your into racing games
  6. 80%
    Bought for my son for Xmas, he’s happy with it, he says it’s comfortable to sit in. I would of given a 5* but I think for just a chair it’s a bit pricey. My opinion. My son likes it so I would recommend it.
  7. 100%
    Excellent sim seat for this price! The pictures dont do it justice. It's made from high quality materials. Very comfortable ( I'm 6' 01" and 14 stone) Easy height adjustments using very strong Velcro. Simple pictorial assembly instructions.
    I use the G29 wheel and pedals .
    It dosen't look like it but, it always feels solid even when driving aggressively. I love it!
    Depending on how long it lasts, could be one of those rare cases where simplicity of design = Genius.
  8. 80%
    This is a great solution for any gamer who is short of space. Only reason I knock a star off is that you have to create your own mod to attach a gear shift. There are some you tube videos that show you how. Obviously this doesn't matter if you are not bothered about a gear shift, in which case it's a 5 star purchase.
  9. 100%
    Excellent racing seat for a reasonable price.
    You can adjust pretty much anything on this thing, height, angle of the wheel, distance of the pedals, and it all folds nicely when you are not using it.
    It's pretty comfortable as well...I was playing for hours, didn't have any back pain whatsoever.
    Decent build quality, stiff frame for what it is.
    You also get a few velcro straps to secure the cables.
    I'm using this with Logitech G27 wheel, 4 screws for mounting the wheel were included with the seat.
  10. 100%
    Got this chair for my son ..very good quality material feels like suede..xbox steering wheel fits very good to it ..folds up for storage. Would recommend this item .
  11. 80%
    Brilliant for small areas and very stable when seated. Adjustable steering and pedals.the only down side is the steering adjustment. You can't move it in or out as standard.but I nodded mine so wheel can move in/out.if it had that adjustment out of the box i would have given it 5 stars but it's only a small grip. I would highly recommend this product. Briljant
  12. 100%
    Absolutely love this playseat

    My wife bought my this and a thrustmaster t150 for Christmas

    The seat is super comfortable and very strong.

    The setup is very simple and full of ingenious features.

    The best feature is how easy it is to store away, it folds together with the steering wheel and pedals and can fit nicely away in a decent size cupboard.

    Reassembly takes only 5 mins and your back in the driving seat

    I would give this seat 6 stars if possible
  13. 100%
    Sturdy enough for a logitech g29 but wouldn't recommend anything like a fanatic wheel on it. Comfortable for a long time even when you've broke your back and had it screwed together.
  14. 100%
    Very good for price, easy to assemble
  15. 100%
    Great piece of kit! i coupled it with my Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel and pedal set with stick shift. The only thing to be aware of is theres nothing to mount the stick shift on so i manufactured my own to fit it, that still allows the seat to fold up as intended (if you want to know how, drop me a line) . Its very comfortable (i'm 6'2 and 90kg) and ive used it in sessions lasting several hours and suffered no aches and pains or stiffness.
  16. 100%
    I've had this chair quite a while before submitting this review. It was easy to setup and for me its an ideal size, I'm 5'10" and around 13 Stone. Plenty of adjustment available to get yourself in the ideal position to win some long races. My only problem with the chair was that it has nowhere to fit a gear changer! This was easily solve by going on eBay and buying a bracket for around £10. My setup is with Logitech G29 Wheel, peddles and stick.
  17. I have read a lot of reviews about this product but i was still not convinced about quality. unnecessarily. It's made very solid. Can be adjusted to very comfortable position for me (I'm 180cm). The only problem I found is that it can be a bit to small for very tall people (more than 190-200cm). But for its price is giving great driving experience. If you're struggling with your desk and chair it's an answer for you. Plus another profit you can fold it and hide if you're not having to much space at home
  18. I had a previous wheelstand pro for my xbox 360 and didnt want to get another for my xbox 1. I also was limited by not having a great seat to use with the wheel. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone as i have the logitech g920. This setup is great and can easily be folded away. Even the kids love it
  19. 100%
    This is a great seat. It is well made and folds away very easy. I am 5;10 and it is very conformable and great fun. I bought this together with the Thustmaster T150 wheel and they work together very well. Once set up, the wheel remains fixed and the whole package folds away in seconds. Key to me is the practicality of storage and setting the unit up, getting 2 or 3 hours of "play time" and then folding away and carrying up stairs. In short this is a great value seat that is well engineered.
    i love it
  20. 100%
    I was afraid about the flexibility because it is a foldable chair. But I can tell you that was the best decision I had made when I bought the challenge. Very, very solid, well made. I can easy kick the break on F1 without problems. I am very happy. I'm 60kg and 1,69m.
  21. 100%
    Comact and sturdy. I would like a full rig but lack the room. I don't feel like I'm compromising much. I've got a G29 with a shifter mounted using a VESA pole mount. I still can't drive for **** but I know it's my fault
  22. A great, cheap and compact way to race without taking over the family home. Simple to set up, plenty of adjustable parts to make it your own. The seat can even be adjusted to achieve different racing positions. There is a lot of Velcro but it works to great effect. The Alcantara seat material is comfy and won't leave you sweaty unlike leather. The Playseat Challenge folds away neatly and compact. your own body weight creates the ridged and solid seat to sit in for those long endurance races. Works well with the Logitech G29. you can even purchase a gear shifter attachment if you wish.
  23. 100%
    This thing is awesome, it is a glorified deck-chair but it makes for a great race cockpit - I have sat in far more expensive rigs that feel worse. After the initial setup, it takes under a minute to go from being in the cupboard to race-ready. It's great.
  24. 100%
    Very well designed and very sturdy. Foldable chair but can be adjusted lower (f1) or higher (rally) driving positions using tough Velcro straps that double up as arm rests. Super comfortable, easy to get in and out - whatever your size as wheel flips to the side with a counter weight at ground level. After 10mins you forget all about the seat and totally engrossed in racing - moral being - why spend £300+ as this does a great job of giving a racing experience, is comfortable and affordable. Instructions are simple, easy to put together in 30mins. When your gaming for a few hours at a time and slot this away in the living room corner, you won't notice it's there. Takes up less space than a upright Hoover. Highly recommended.
  25. 100%
    Don't be put off by its looks because this is all most will ever need from a gaming seat. Took 10 minutes to put together and is easy to adjust using very strong Velcro straps. The seat itself is alcantara, pedal base is padded and adjustable and when everything is done up its surprisingly solid feeling with almost no movement from anywhere. The wheel base is pre drilled to hard mount to and the pedals are secured with Velcro once against the end plate. Only note of caution is that if you are big it wont be as comfortable as its quite a slim fit, although it states it can take 120 kgs of weight to give you an idea of how well its made. Really cant see why people would buy a stand now this is available.
  26. 100%
    Love the seat, it makes a big difference compared to just having a stand for the wheel. It’s much more comfortable to race for longer periods.
  27. 100%
    Great product, bought to share with my son. Often moved between rooms which is easy. Very comfortable and we do full f1 race time so we can be in the chair upto 90 minutes. I am also a larger man and it's still comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Easy to set up andvi would recommend for use to anyone. It's also a good space saver, we fold it up and stand in the corner of the room when not being used.
  28. 100%
    I’ve been watching this for ages and decided to take the plunge. It has completely changed my gaming experience, I couldn’t go back to using a controller now! If you love racing games I definitely recommend it, this is brilliant for F1. As for the chair itself it is really well made, it is extremely sturdy and comfortable. None of the pieces feel flimsy, it doesn’t shake or rattle or anything. The seat material itself is great as well, nice and thick. The chair can be reclined, the pedals can be adjusted and even they shake about no matter how hard you drive. I am 5 ft 7 and fit perfectly.
  29. 80%
    I'm an average sized man and just about fit into this with no issues, if i was on the wider side i might find it a bit tight. At its price point its a good piece of kit for the casual racer like myself. I was tempted by more expensive rigs that would obviously take up more room and not store so well, but having used this, then being able to tuck it away in the corner after use its ideal for me.
  30. 100%
    Arrived yesterday, really impressed with the quality and ease of use.
    Bought this to go with my Logitech G29 which fits great, the wheel bolts onto a metal plate whilst the pedals stay in place with a Velcro strap and is more secure than I expected.
    I'm 6'5" and 16 stone so was worried that it would be really uncomfortable but it's actually amazing.
    To get in and out of the seat the bar that the wheel attaches to swings up and out of the way then you pull it down and lock it in place when you're in.
    There's loads of adjustments possible if you just spend a little bit of time tweaking the straps etc.
    When you're finished it folds up really well without having to take off the wheel and pedals. It basically takes up the same room as an ironing board only deeper.
    Great bit of kit
  31. 80%
    I bought this because it looked good and when I recieved it, I found that it was easy to build and actually had quite good cushioning.
    However I did not research this enough to find the maximuim size - I'm about 6ft and my head is just hooked over the top of the headrest which is not comfortable and my legs hit the steering wheel rack. This means that it's not as advitising to sit playing F1 or some other game for very long, which is annoying in my opinion.
  32. 100%
    I love it. If you don't have enough room for a solid seat but want to take gaming to the next level then this is for you, really easy to assemble and fold away after use and when folded it takes up as much space as a child's high chair.
    I've made a gear shift bracket out of wood that does the job and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying one.
    Very comfortable even after a hour or two.
    Very easy to adjust to suit you but if your a big lad you might struggle, I'm 5.11 and 12.5 stone and I'm very happy with it, there is still plenty of adjustment as my 8 yr old daughter can use it very easily by sliding the pedals closer and I don't have them at full stretch for me so it would be ok for people taller than me too. you won't regret it for the money you can't beat it
  33. 100%
    Having previously had a full racing seat setup in the lounge - sold to the wife on basis of "of course it will blend with the furniture" and being told to put it on eBay as it very much did not blend with anything , I was looking to find a better compromise .

    This is exactly that - Offers enough stability for steering wheel (G29) and for me (40 something fat Dad) plus 11 year old boy . it folds away like a deck chair essentially .The foldaway is sufficient that it will go in a cupboard ( if you could put a deck chair in there) and saves on any domestic conversations that start along the lines of "What the **** is that and it needs to go"

    Well constructed , straightforward to put together and holding up well thus far .
  34. 80%
    It works well, even for a taller person, but it is very expensive at £200 for essentially a glorified deck chair, however in this market its basically the cheapest option. It is quick and easy to fold up however very heavy to move around and still takes a lot of space. It is very comfy though. I am using with a g29 with no issues so far
  35. 100%
    Had been using a wheelstand pro V1 since they first came out with a kitchen chair, I thought it was good but this is 10 times better.
    Just sitting in the correct driving position improves everything. I can now use the pedals in a much more controlled way and the view that you have to drive with makes the games so different.
    Very easy to put together, I would say some bits are great quality others are ok. The powder coating on the metal work is not the greatest in places but I will not be returning it for that. The seat is quality strong material but to be fair it needed to be. The side straps that form the arm rests are also very good quality but again they will take some strain getting in and out.
    The only adjustment I had to make was moving the wheel plate away from me.
    My whole setup folds away and lives in a cupboard under the stairs.
    £134 can not be beaten by anyone so now is the time to buy.
    I never write reviews by the way :)
  36. 100%
    Great fun!! Makes driving games much better. I am 6' 1" and, ahem, a little overweight, but I find this comfortable to use. I have long legs, but the pedal board moves far enough away for me to have my legs straight. My knees do touch the sides of the steering wheel mount, but that's ok, and does not hinder the operation of the steering wheel at all. I can understand some comments about the pedal board moving when the pedals are pressed hard, but I, like most people, have my desk and monitor up against a wall, so the pedal board fits to the wall and I move the chair back instead, and I have no problem with unwanted movement. The abilty to fold the chair with both the wheel and the pedals in place is fantastic! It can be a bit awkward to stand up when being stored if you have a heavy wheel and pedals like I do, but it's still a brilliant design. In short, you may well get a better chair, but for a lot more money, and it won't fold up, so I heartily recommend this chair. My F1 2016 game arrives next week, and this chair has made me look forward to getting my new game much more than ever before.
  37. 80%
    A very good chair! Easy set up and folds away perfect. Me being 6 foot 2" tall, I fit very easy into it, and was very comfortable over a few hours,wiith adjustable pedal base to suit my legs. The build quality is very good. The wheel positioning isn't great as only up and down adjustment, but set the chair as far back as possible with the wheel slightly upwards works better for me. Could of had a pedal base where you can have upward tilt instead of just sitting on the floor, but put a few books underneath it works ok, also does take a bit of time to set your perfect seating position, thats why its only got 4 stars.But overall it's a great chair for the money. I nearly forgot to mention mine didnt come with the pedal strap holder, was a bit miffed but an easy fix with cable ties!!

    Good value for the money
    Good build quality
    Ok for the taller person
    Folds away easy
    Easy set up

    Wheel adjustment
    Pedal base tilt adjustment
    Awkward Seat adjustment
    No pedal strap!!
  38. 80%
    Got my playseat challenge a few days ago. It does what it says on the box, overall seat and fittings are of a good quality for what you pay. Assemble in 10 mins and and easy to fold away to store. My only slight negative is that it can feel a bit cramped in the seat, you can adjust the distance of the pedals but you cannot with the wheel, so if you are taller it could feel a little awkward
  39. 100%
    Superb quality seat. Excellent value for money.
  40. 100%
    This is the best thing you can buy to mount a steering wheel and pedals on if space is an issue its folds neatly with Velcro straps with wheels and pedals still attached (see pic).
    Super easy set up ! Comes in three parts that slot together . It's fully adjustable I'm 6ft and could easily set it up for my 5 year old to have a go in seconds . I can have it sat upright like a standard road car position or down low F1 style . Some reviews have said its hard to find the right driving position but set the two Velcro arm rest straps is quick and easy and once set they won't change when folded away .
    Additional Velcro straps are supplied to tie the wires neatly to the frame and so are hex screws to fix your wheel to the plate in the pre drilled holes.
    Pedals will not move no matter how hard you accelerate or brake and are secured with another Velcro strap
    The build quality is amazing .
    This seat could also be used as a gaming chair as the wheel mount bar is removable.
    Shifter mount is not included which is a shame but one can be bought additionally (I'm making my own custom mount )
    All in all very happy there is nothing else like it and I saved money not buying a separate stand and chair which would of taken more room and less comfortable driving position.
  41. 60%
    Bought this for use with the Logitech G290.
    This was a waste of money for me as I found after assembling that the top of the frame where you place your wheel can only be adjusted for angle and not for distance. The wheel is way too close and my elbows have to rest next to my sides which makes steering problematic as you cannot turn the wheel fully with both hands which is necessary with the steering mounted paddle gears I have. Not only that, it makes it hard to steer quickly enough. The strap for securing the foot pedals isn't great either and allows for quite a lot of movement on a game like F1 where the G290's brake pedal has to be pressed really hard like in a real F1 car to generate the needed stopping power. These issues render the product useless to me and I could not disassemble it to a returnable state. Otherwise a good product but for racing games where you need to steer or react quickly, its just not usable for that purpose.
  42. 80%
    I'm 5'11", 78kg, and I'm pleased with the chair. I bought it as I wasn't getting enough use from my G29 due to the hassle of tabletop setup and putting away each time. I now keep the seat in a sliding door cupboard and use with my PS4 and PC. It's portable enough to take up and down stairs with ease, and keeps the wheel and pedals safe. There's no space for the gear-stick, which I've never actually used as I play in automatic at the moment. I'd recommend buying a set of black nylon cable ties for safe cable attachment and locking. The chair came with velcro cable ties, but I worry that kicking the pedals out with too much force will rip the cable. The pedal section is a slightly weak joint, hence dropping a star. It has two nylon locking screw to easily adjust the pedal distance, but my son unscrewed one too much and our dog ate it!!! I use a anti-slip rubber pad (designed to hold mats in place) under the pedals to stop movement. The chair is very comfy, although the triangular arm supports connectors tend to dig into my legs a little. The chair is very adjustable. I'm pleased with the quality of the chair fabric, metalwork and overall package. I believe it will last.
  43. 60%
    bought this as my table clamp for my wheel had broken and I needed a secure method to hold my wheel while racing.
    Setting it up was easy, only too a couple of minutes and while the wheel deck allows the wheel to be screwed on there is no pedal plate to do the same, instead there is a velcro strap to hold your pedals down. The velcro strap doesn't fit around my CSL elite pedals and so I had to purchase a seperate velcro strap to hold my pedals down. But this isn't as secure as screws so the pedals do lift a little under heavy braking and when storing the seat they slide down a little.
    Whilst all the adjustments are easy to do like pedal length and steering wheel angle the design means the seat height is coupled with distance to the wheel so if you want to race in an upright GT position then you have to sit closer to the wheel. I an 6ft 1 so this meant my arms didn't have much room to extend and grip the wheel. As a result of this problem I had to drive in an F1 style seating position which would have been fine except I race at a desk with my monitor atleast 1m above the ground so in order to be comfortable in the chair I had to be looking up at my monitor which after a period of time hurts the neck.
    Because of these issues i have sadly had to return the playseat but if you are racing with pedals not as wide or as hefty as CSL elites and your tv/monitor is less than 0.5m above the ground this playseat is perfect. The immersion it brings is amazing thanks to the force feedback of your wheel being translated into the seat to give it rumbles and vibrations.
  44. 100%
    Definitely worth getting one of these if you are after a racing chair for your gaming wheel, but don't have the space to store a full size rig when not in use. The chair is much sturdier than I was expecting and is easily adjustable to let you get your preferred seating style.
    Doesn't take up loads of space when it's folded and I love the fact that you leave the wheel and pedals attached before folding it.

    Assembly is easily done, just takes a little bit of adjusting at first to get the chair how you like it, this is easy to do though and once you've got it right it can stay with these settings when folded. It feels like it is made from good quality materials, the frame is thick metal and the material used for the seat cover is very comfortable. Also it's not too heavy to lift when it's all folded up, which is a bonus.

    I originally looked at buying either one of these or a foldable stand for my racing wheel, but the playseat will allow me to use other wheels on it as well should I change my console in the future- whereas some of the stands are wheel-specific so would need to be changed if buying a new wheel. Like some of the online reviews say, it's not a hardcore racing-sim chair, but it definitely fits the bill for me.

    Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase- just wish I had bought one sooner!
  45. 100%
    What can I say? The Playseat Challenge when combined with a Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals has transformed by PC Dirt Rally and Project Cars driving experience. I'm 5' 9" and 14 stone fully clothed (I don't race naked, yet) and the seat is incredibly comfortable to sit in for hours at a time and much easier to get back out of than I was anticipating.

    If you're worried about steering wheel cables hanging and getting damaged when you fold the seat, just buy 2 metres of 12mm black spiral wrap and use this to hold the cables on to the seat frame. 2 metres is perfect to wrap all the way down from the steering wheel to the pedal extension.

    I've only had this seat for a short while but must have spent over 50 hours in it so far with a few 3 hour plus stints and can fully understand another reviewer who said that he'd rather spend time in his Challenge than sitting on his sofa. It really is that comfortable to use.

    Highly recommended. I'd give it 6/5 stars if I could.
  46. 100%
    What an absolutely brilliant piece of kit. I am 6'7" / 2 metres tall and this works perfectly for me. Having read some reviews I wasn't sure if it would be any good but it is. It's very well built and folds up enough to be kept out of the way.

    It is still quite heavy and cumbersome when folded and didn't fit in any cupboards so I just lean it on the wall next to the sofa.

    I made the mistake of purchasing a wheel stand which was an awful wobbly useless thing, this is solid and you can really get stuck in with online racing as the pedals and wheem remain stable.

    This is literally all you need if you want to set up a racing sim, more expensive seats that don't fold offer nothing more.

    The only thing I would say is that I am 15 stone and if I was any bigger I think I would struggle to fit in width wise, also you do need to be quite athletic to get in and out of it!
  47. 100%
    This is the first time I’ve felt the need to write a review for a product I’ve bought off Amazon!

    After playing DiRT Rally with the wheel clamped to my PC desk for about 8 months the time had come to look into a gaming seat but the main issue I have is space and the lack of it. Whatever solution I chose it had to be able to be put away in a cupboard and this is why I opted for the Playseat Challenge.

    I was a bit dubious about it at first as basically it’s a deck chair with a bit of tubing! After assembling it which was easy and made some adjustments to my seating position via the Velcro straps I instantly found it a vast improvement to what I was using previously, in fact it really feels like you sitting in a proper gaming seat built to a high quality.

    It takes about 2 mins to set up from getting it out of the cupboard and the same to put away again, the width of it when folded up is 21” which allows for easy storage when not in use.

    If you’re looking for a real feel gaming seat but want the convenience of actually having your room back when it’s not in use then I highly recommend this product.


    I bought the G29 gear shifter whilst it was still half price at PC World but there’s not a lot of mounting options on the Playseat, so I opted to make a custom bracket using 2” x 2” aluminium angle and a U bolt.

    The angle needed a little bit of jig sawing and drilling and is clapped from the underneath with the U bolt, it’s very rigid and doesn’t move at all. The Playseat still folds up the same and the bracket doesn’t get in the way whilst using the seat.

    When I get time it’ll be sprayed black to finish the job.
  48. 60%
    The concept is great, but the headrest is too inclined and uncomfortable after more than 30 minutes for me. Quality is notably low on the stitching / attachments etc
  49. 100%
    The playseat is stable and quickly set up using the picture guide. Adjustment to the size is possible with different straps via Velcro, and the Velcro fasteners are abundantly dimensioned so they can also last longer.
    The steering wheel (here G27 Logitech) can be firmly attached to the console with the included Allen screws, so nothing slips back and forth.
    The bracket for the pedals can be extended to the desired length and then fixed with clamping screws, the adjustment range is sufficiently large. The pedal plate is attached to a cross bar and is fastened from the back by a wide strap with Velcro, even there nothing slips.
    For getting in and out, the steering wheel console can be folded up, it is attached to the steering wheel bracket with a sturdy clamping screw with locking. This also allows the desired height adjustment of the steering wheel for driving. Even an extendable side boom is available, which prevents the seat from tilting when getting in and out. To pack away, I just lift the pedal bracket (swivel attached to the chair) and attach it to the steering wheel bracket using an enclosed strap with Velcro fastener.

    In summary, I can say that after some settings this playseat fits me like a glove, even in longer online races (up to 90 min) I sit relaxed like never before. Gone are the days when the steering wheel clamp at the table is detached independently or the desk chair suddenly slips away on the wheels, so I should have gotten such a device much earlier.: -)
  50. 100%
    Short of space or your other half won't let you have a full seat permanently setup in your living room, then this is the option for you. It's well made and adjustable with velcro straps allowing you to sit lower or higher. The racing wheel attaches easy and pedals clip on to the bottom of the frame. It collapses down for storage, although you need to unclip the racing wheel and pedals, and while it might fit under your bed, that depends on how much clearance you have. At least you have a chance to store it somewhere.

    Got it on a Black Friday deal, so great price. If push came to shove, I'd probably pay the RRP to get that complete racing experience.

    As a note, I'm 6ft 2" and no issues with reach to pedals (using a Logitech G920). My boys struggle however (8 & 5). 8yr old can just reach the pedals set at nearest position and needs cushions to boost the seat position. 5 yr old cannot reach the pedals. No reflection on the seat or wheel, just that it's a bigger kids and adult accessory really.
  51. 100%
    This review is for the Playseat Challenge. I've noticed the reviews seem to be for any one of the seats in this listing, so I figured I'd make that clear. The wheel I have is a Logitech G29.
    As glorified deck chairs go, this one is really good. I really enjoyed putting it all together. There are simple instructions but you don't really need them, it's quite a logical thing to do. There's bolts to fix the wheel to plate, which are kind of fiddly to put in. I recommend doing that before you attach the cross beam to the chair.
    The cross bar hinges on one side so you can get in and out. There's a small bar the extends from the front leg to ensure it doesn't tip up when the bar is lifted. For the pedals, another small bar stops the unit slipping forward and a strap wraps around and secures by velcro. The seat is comfy, it's not tiring to sit in for any period of time and can be adjusted by tightening / loosening the straps that hold the alcantara seat cover on. The chair is steady and if tightened sufficiently, the wheel fixture still has an occasional wobble but once playing you don't notice.
    Folding the seat is as simple as you imagine a deck chair would be. The top ties together with the supplied Velcro straps and the pedals fold up and are secured in the same way. It's not as light as a deck chair though but it's easy enough for an average human to carry.
    Although it's early days (2 days in fact) I've not found a downside to it. I certainly don't regret opting for this over the more expensive Evolution. Although obviously, the dream is the Playseat F1!
  52. 80%
    Pretty much the cheapest sim rig going, with the very practical feature of folding up with everything connected to store out the way or in a cupboard.
    Surprisingly comfortable seat, I've spent many hours at a time in it and it's honestly better at fatigue than the seats in an Audi A1.
    The steering wheel platform is sturdy left to right, but forward and backwards it does flex a bit. This doesn't impact on driving though, even though it seems like it would.
    The pedals are secured with a velcro strap and they are surprisingly solid, I haven't had to make an adjustment even after about 2 weeks of heavy use.
    I just wish it had a mount for a gearstick, if it did it would be perfect. There is a bracket you can buy that clamps onto the wheel platform but it puts the gearknob at an impractically high up position.
    I use a logitech G920 and its great, I don't know how it would fare with a direct drive wheel and pedals with more resistance.
  53. 100%
    I bought this racing seat to play Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 & Logitec G29, I wanted to go with the Playseat GT but with space being an issue this model was a good compromise. I was sceptical at first but decided that the reviews were good enough to take the punt.

    I am so glad i did, the build quality is good and feels reassuringly solid. It was easy to setup and has a multitude of adjustments. The force feedback from the G29 transfers through the frame of the PlaySeat offering further immersion into the game, especially in VR mode where you get the most realistic experience.

    At first my laptimes were worse, I had gotten used to using an office chair and PC desk but after a few hours I started shaving time off my previous fastest laps and by the following day I was gaining as much as 3s.

    The wheel mount is on a hinged arm which can be raised to get in and out of the seat easily but it also makes it quick to remove the entire arm complete with wheel via the spring loaded guide pin. This is useful at times when you merely want a comfortable gaming chair, i have worked from home on a laptop in it too.
  54. 80%
    I've had the Playseat Challenge for a few days. Very happy with it.
    It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to put it together as most of it is already pre-made.
    Lots of velcro cables are included together with four bolts and two allan keys to secure your steering wheel. The manual just uses pictures to show you how to set it up and adjust everything. It's easy to understand, but would have preferred a little more detail.
    Let's get the negatives out of the way. The Playseat Challenge doesn't scream quality. It has a plastic build. It doesn't feel like anything will break, but it does just feel like a cheap plastic chair. I saw a few scrapes on the poles, but nothing that would make me send it back.
    There is no gearbox (shifter) mount on this chair. There is a bracket available from PlaySeat for about £30, but if you search online you will find lots of people sharing tips on how they created their own support for the gearbox using brackets, clamps, etc.

    Now onto the positives.
    This thing is fun. A lot of fun. It doesn't look it, but the chair is very comfortable to sit in once you're strapped in. It's easy to get in and out too (as long as you stand up by grabbing one of the poles to stand).
    The first time you fold it up you will be frustrated by how it all works, but after doing it a few times you'll be able to fold it up very quickly.
    The fact the chair folds up is one of the best selling points about the challenge. It's very practical. I'd love to have room in my house for a full size racing chair and setup, but the reality is that space is limited. That is why the challenge was the right fit for me.
    In summary, the chair looks a little cheap from a distance, but it's comfortable to sit in, easy to set up, and easy to put away.
    I did consider some of the wheel stands, but so glad I opted for the challenge. Would highly recommend it.
  55. 100%
    There is little to add to the Playseat Challenge, the usual strong points: excellent material, comfort, ease of use. In addition, this new Actifit version is made of a breathable material, excellent for warmer days compared to the classic Alcantara version.
    The only small drawback is the price: similar and equally good products cost a little less. Personally, I took this because when closed it is perfect for where I need to store it.
    Highly recommended.
    PS: I use it with Logitech G29 and it closes completely with the entire steering wheel mounted.
  56. 100%
    I'm not crazy, but I wanted a simulator of that kind, and being able to fold it up and put it away was the deciding factor for the purchase

    : Play
    PS5 GT7,
    Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition,

    buildable. Completed in about 30 minutes.
    The handle is bolt-on without pinching it.
    The belt that secures the foot pedal body is short and the velcro part hits just fine. If it's a main body with a clutch, I think that's probably the case with any manufacturer.

    [Good point]
    The frame is steel, so it's not light, but it's still compact.
    It can be folded and stored away, so you can take it to the storeroom in case of emergency.
    It greatly upgrades the hankon that was set up on the table.
    They don't look that serious.
    Your ability to concentrate will increase.
    Thanks to that, my time went much faster.

    [Bad point]
    There are almost no complaints, but it's
    pretty heavy if it includes a hankon.
    So folding it up one by one, including unplugging the wires, ends up feeling a bit cumbersome.

    Maybe that's about it.
  57. 100%
    Great sturdy product, I'm a big guy and have no problems. It's quite comfortable, and the fact that it folds up fairly compact is a big plus! Way better than just a touching the wheel to a desk.
  58. 100%
    Arrived early, easy to assemble, took 5 mins. Quality and comfort is superb, literal game changer!
  59. 100%
    Great product. Shipment arrived earlier than expected in perfect condition.
  60. 80%
    After using it for hours it meets my expectations
  61. 80%
    Very well packaged, looks solid and of very good quality, surprisingly rigid but kits on eBay increase the rigidity of the plate that accommodates the steering wheels. I am 1.63m tall and I am comfortably installed. Folds and stores very easily and quickly it's amazing. It is the best solution to save space. The only catch is the strap to attach the crankset, it's too short for a 3 pedal crankset, really weird.
    Otherwise it's almost perfect.
  62. 80%
    Surprisingly, it is also suitable for tall people.
    I am 1.93m tall and weigh 95kg. The seat is comfortable to ride even at my size. Everything feels stable and does its job. Doesn't show any problems with the Logitech G923 Force Feedback. Can probably hold up even at more nm.
    It felt a bit too expensive. Therefore a star deduction.
    I'm happy.
  63. 100%
    The 24-inch monitor is placed on a 60cm high steel rack, so I bought this product for ease of viewing of the monitor.
    I can see the screen slightly above the steering wheel and it feels just right.

    Getting on and off feels like it's okay, and it's lonely that the fit is good and there are no seat belts.
    It is also convenient when cleaning that it can be folded to save space in case of emergency.
    Basically, the iron pike frame is the main one, but there is a sense of rigidity that does not feel any deflection at all.
    The back of the seat can be adjusted with 3 belts (bottom 2, back lower 1), and it is also a good feeling that you can adjust the sitting comfort to your liking to some extent.

    At the same time, I bought a Hankon T300RS, but the screw hole for the handle of this Hankon has also been cut, and when screwed, the handle bends slightly up and down, and the sense of rigidity is fine It's as good as it seems, and driving is very comfortable.

    Durability is in the future, but I don't feel worried that it will deteriorate immediately from the material etc.
    I'm very happy with it now.
  64. 100%
    Compact gaming race chair
  65. 100%
    Easy to fold works for small places or when your wife doesn't want you to leave it in the living room in front of the TV
  66. 80%
    It is almost perfect for small space solution with actual seating.
    I wished it has built in mount for shifter. But we need to purchase seperatly.
  67. 100%
    I had planned to purchase a real racing seat and frame for my Logitech G920 wheel and pedal set but I also needed to be able to quickly move and store the whole rig when I wasn't using it. After watching video reviews I took a chance on the Playseat and it was the perfect compromise. Easy to set up, adjustable seating angle and my wheel and pedals mated perfectly. You can fold it up when not in use or just slide it off to the side in seconds as it's very light. When I sit in the chair I sink in just like I was in an open wheel cockpit and you can adjust how far you recline or sit up depending on your size or what type of game you are playing. Pedal set can be adjusted for leg length in a minute and doesn't slide around when in use. To get out I just flap the bar with the steering wheel off to the side and it's done. If you are looking for the ultimate, supportive, realistic and rigid racing seat this is not it. It's stable and comfortable and feels like you are driving the race car so as a first time, entry level sim or for tight spaces I highly recommend this.
  68. 100%
    I absolutely love this thing. It has its issues, but for the most part it is exactly what I wanted when I ordered it. I wanted something I can move out of the way and use with my vr setup so I can have both a vr area and a sim racing setup essentially. I wasn't sure based on other reviews. I have a Logitech G920 with shifter, and it works perfectly (you have to buy a mount for the shifter, I got one on ebay, and it was super easy to attach with that)

    The setup wasn't too bad, it only shows pictures in the setup because it's relatively easy but I would have loved a slight description with the pictures for the original setup.

    Great for VR
    Setup and teardown in a minute tops even with VR
    Doesn't take up as much space as you would think with the pictures

    Uncomfortable, not super uncomfortable, but after like an hour it gets a bit tight, mind you I'm 5'10, and 260lbs
    Wire management isn't really a thing with this
    No shifter mount included or even thought about it seems, luckily 3rd party people took care of that
    Not super high quality material, the velcro is very good though.

    All in all I highly recommend it for anybody that wants a quick teardown and setup for sim racing, especially if they use VR.
  69. Great racing seat for the cost. I am an adult of pretty standard size, 5'11" and 185 pounds, the bucket seat fits me very well and I do not have concerns about the velcro straps holding up the my bum. I had a concern about the pedal strap but it fits in pretty well with the pedals and is pretty sturdy, no concerns there. The wheel mounting for my Fanatec CSL Elite was notintuitive and took a while but the end result is great. I offer some additional information on getting the wheel mounted below.

    The included instructions are not very helpful. They give you a general idea of what is happening but don't really help you with the assembly.

    I have a Fanatec CSL Elite wheelbase and pedals. The mounting holes that come out of the box are not useable for the CSL and I would not recommend using the Fanatec clamp on the bit of metal you have. The wheel mounting process took about an hour for me but at the end I am very satisfied with the setup, comfort and the price I spent on it.

    To mount the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel I would recommend that you disassemble the entire mount using the allen key provided in the set before you try to mount your wheel. Underneath the position where the bar is, is a set of holes that will fit the Fanatec wheelbase (3 screws total, 1 in the front and 2 in the middle, provided with the seat). You will need to reinstall the mount either more forward or backward (depending on your reach). As an adult I reinstalled the mounts on the most forward position. (With the wheel facing you, the most forward position gives you the most reach) To get front bolt in the middle of the Fanatec wheel to fit into the mount you will need to spend some time cutting away the plastic. This process takes about an hour but does not impact the structural integrity of the plastic mount and results in a very sturdy wheelbase. I used a dremmel to cut away an area for the front middle bolt to fit into the wheelbase. Watch your fingers when cutting and dremmeling into plastic with force at a short distance.

    For children you can reinstall the mount on the back sets of holes, this will result in a much shorter reach but does not require much cutting. (I didnt try to do it so don't quote me on the cutting part)
  70. 100%
    I just recently started getting more serious about sim-racing. I've owned a basic wheel and pedals for a while now, and always complained about how difficult it was to get those positioned properly. It's amazing how different your experience will become once you get positioned properly. The main issue was the constant readjustment of the pedals and tightening of the wheel to whatever it was clamped onto. For casual driving games (e.g. American/Euro Truck Simulator), there's not much of an issue of constant adjustment. But for high-speed games where you can find yourself stomping on the pedals, the issues with positioning of your equipment become more apparent. And putting the equipment up when not in use and setting it up again was always inconvenient.

    I began looking at simple rigs and kept coming across the Playseat. I kept thinking the price was too high for what seemed like a cheap-looking seat, so I kept looking. I soon realized that there are better seats out there, but you're going to pay a hefty premium. And on the other hand, you can get platforms for much cheaper, but they're rubbish in comparison, or at a bare minimum, offer very mixed reviews. I found ratings of the Playseat Challenge to be consistently positive, so I decided to give it a go, and just like everyone else, I wasn't disappointed. I'm glad I didn't settle.

    The chair is sturdier and built far better than it looks. I still wouldn't recommend jumping into the thing, but it stands up to more abuse than I thought it would. And, it's actually quite comfortable. For a session of 1-2 hours, I was never uncomfortable. I currently use it for F1 2020 and don't have any complaints about comfort or functionality. It's pretty easy to assemble, and setup is easy. I love that it can be folded and put somewhere out of the way. The more expensive racing sim seats wouldn't offer me the ability to break them down for storage, so this one offers that major advantage.

    Gone are the days of adjusting my pedals and constantly tightening my steering wheel. This thing stays in place and now I can hammer-down without the pedals slipping away from me. Good times. If you've got the money, I'd highly recommend this. If you need a place to put your shifter, be advised that you'll need an add-on component that they make, or you can buy an aftermarket add-on. That's really the only gripe I have.

    ****UPDATED REVIEW - 10-02-21****

    It's been a year of ownership and I still highly recommend. No issues have come up and I still feel like it's been a good purchase. I even occasionally let my six-year old use it (with slight modifications to make it work for him) and he enjoys it too.
  71. 80%
    I wasn't expecting to have as much Velcro as it does, so it made me skeptical at first that it would hold me, it did, shockingly enough! and it is somewhat comfortable, so gaming for longer periods of time isn't uncomfortable.

    It says that it is compatible with the Thrustmaster T300 RS, but I found this to be not 100%, well the steering Collom bolted on with little trouble. the pedals where an issue, as the Velcro provided wasn't long enough to secure them down well folding up the chair, and the chair didn't fully collapse with the pedals on it.

    also learned the hard way, when they slipped out of the Velcro, hitting the little plastic knob that adjusts how far you can slide the pedals away from yourself, breaking it off.

    and the frame was slightly crushed, so getting the pipes to fit together to assemble the chair, was of great difficulty.

    other than that, it's an alright chair, does what it's supposed to, and it does save a lot of room when not in use.
  72. 100%
    This was a Xmas gift. Great chair! Only have 4 stars because there is no place for the shifter. You can only put a steering wheel on it.
  73. 100%
    My height & weight: 6', 250lbs, 38-40" waist.
    Equipment: Logitech G27 wheel & Shifter, Fanatec ClubSport V2 pedals

    Simply put, I fit perfectly. Getting in is a bit tricky as I can't lift my wheel out of the way completely due to my L-shaped desk, but once in place, and after a quick... umm... adjustment... this is one of the most comfortable seats I have ever used. I was a little worried about how well I'd fit as I'm a big guy, but the seat was easy to adjust and I fit just fine. If you have larger than a 40" waist I'd imagine things could get a bit tricky. Below 40", you're going to fit perfectly. On to some long-winded thoughts:

    Build Quality: This is a very sturdy unit. People on gaming forums and people who own dedicated cockpit rigs tend to laugh at it and call it a glorified lawn chair, but it really is a well-built, well-thought out unit. The seat material is a quality, padded ultrasuede type material with nice red stitching. The tubing is solid with a nice matte black powdercoat finish. Once everything is set in place and you are locked in the seat doesn't wobble, tilt, or do anything other than hold you comfortably in place.

    Assembly/Adjustment: The instructions are vague, but there really isn't much to do in the way of assembly. Very easy. Once assembled the unit is rather simple to adjust. The seat adjustments are done via adjusting the various Velcro straps that control lumbar support, thigh support, and the angle of the seat back. Unfortunately the wheel mount is only tilt adjustable. It is not height adjustable and does not telescope. That said, it would not be difficult to modify this unit to your liking (especially if you need more height, or need it a little farther away from you) by cutting the tubing and welding in additional sections, or cutting out some and welding or clamping the unit back together. But I suspect if you need that level of adjustment you're going to spring for a dedicated rig.

    Pedals: This is where things got tricky for me. It's easy to mount the G27 pedals to the pedal base with the supplied strap, but the Fanatec ClubSport V2 pedals require a custom base to mount. I bolted mine to two sections of 14x6x1 whitewood, then removed the foam padding from the Playseat pedal base and used ½" pipe clamps to secure it. This worked like a charm, and the pedals are extremely stable. The pedal base is not height adjustable, so if you want to angle your pedals you will need to build an angled base - I tried putting some extra boards underneath the end, but this was not very stable and puts undue stress on the two plastic clips that hold the pedal base to the seat. The base really needs to be flat on the ground.

    Shifter Mount: As has been mentioned by other reviewers, there is no supplied shifter mount bracket. Instead of paying for the Playseat mount, I used a section of ½" box aluminum and used the G27 wheel clamps to secure it in place. I clamped the G27 shifter to the box aluminum rail and voila... a sub $5 shifter mount that works very well.

    Storage: The main reason I bought the Challenge is because I live in an apartment and don't want to have a dedicated cockpit in the way all of the time. The Challenge is very easy to fold up and store away in a closet or against a wall somewhere. Because I have the Fanatec ClubSport V2 pedals on a custom mount, I disconnect the pedal base and leave it under my desk. I fold the seat like you see in the pictures and tuck it away in a closet. Very easy.

    Complaints: Less of a complaint but more of an observation - the seat is a bit on the low side. My desk is 28.5" high, so when I get the seat in position my monitors are maybe 2-3" higher than where I'd prefer them. Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things as I can work around it with view adjustments in iRacing.

    Final Thoughts: This is the perfect solution for the casual racer that wants to set up a rig in front of their TV on occasions, or for the hardcore iRacers like me that just don't want to have a dedicated rig due to space concerns. Don't let the forum jokers and non-believers sway you, the Playseat Challenge is FAR from glorified lawn-chair!
  74. 80%
    The chair is strudy, comfortable and only takes a little bit of room when folded up. There is already (after a week) some scratches where you rotate the plate that holds the steering wheel.

    But be careful if you're built large.

    Go easy on the squats at the gym or your thighs won't fit. The metal loops for the arm rests are about 16 inches apart and they slightly dig into my thighs when I'm sitting.

    If you've got family jewels, be mindful of them as well, obviously you won't spread your legs too wide apart in that chair. That can be uncomforable, so take some time in between races to move a bit and give a break to your manly bits.

    For reference I'm a 5'10, 210 lbs man who alternates between powerlifting and a big amount of biking. I've had smaller friends try the chair without any problem for them. Overall, the Playseat Challenge is most certainly worth it.
  75. 80%
    I bought this for myself as a Christmas gift along with a Logitech G920. Love the G920, and I love my Challenge, but it can be a little uncomfortable for larger people. I'm 6'2", 220 pounds, with hips wider than most men. The straps on the side that hold the chair up have little metal D-rings in them that are necessary, but tend to dig in and make it a little painful to use for more than an hour at a time. They sit on the front of the straps, and just moving them to the back would be a fix, but the straps aren't removeable to my knowledge. One more thing is that it doesn't come with a way to mount the Logitech Driving Force shifter. there are mounts available on amazon, but it's just a nitpick. Very nice product, would definitely buy again. Just the D-Rings that bother me.
  76. 100%
    I am so glad I brought this Play Seat. It is very comfortable. You can sit in it and play all day with no issues Back rest is high enough to support you head and shoulders. It has you sitting in a natural position as if you were in your car. The base that holds your pedals in place, is adjustable forward and back. I placed a foam block under mine to raise the pedals to a slight angle.
  77. 100%
    I went back and forth between this and the F-GT Lite for weeks after watching videos, and reading reviews on here and random sites. I decided to get the F-GT Lite because it seemed more like a "real" racing seat. Needless to say, I was disappointed - it was significantly bigger than I thought and cumbersome to set up and take down (it's not (small room friendly either.)

    So I reluctantly decided to buy what people called, "the lawn chair racing seat." It was packaged *very* well, and setup didn't take too long. There aren't any written instructions (just pictures), so it took a moment for me to figure out how to "attach" the back. Once that was done, my wheel and pedals were set, and I did some cable management with the ties to set/route the cables that came with the chair itself (definitely a plus!), I sat in it, got out and made a few slight adjustments (nobody gets the right feel the first time), I was ready to go. Putting it away is really simple as well - fold it up, use the included strap to hold it in place if you'd like, and put it where you'd like.

    And I gotta say - wow. It's surprisingly comfortable to sit in for long periods of time (I'm 6'1 with long dancers legs,) and the wheel doesn't move as much as I thought since I was expecting it to move like spaghetti. The reason why is because your own weight is securing the stability of the wheel, and if you have a wheel that has feedback, you can feel it on your backside. Not a lot, but enough for a slight smile. There's no side-to-side wiggle. There's a little up-and-down wiggle, but you don't notice it while using. The pedal length is also adjustable for those who have longer (or shorter) legs. Oh, speaking of adjustable, there are 5 positions which are marked by red lines on both straps for closeness to the wheel, or if you wanna lean back a bit. You can adjust the tension/firmness of the back as well by adjusting the straps. The tighter you make the strap, the more back support you get, which will also get you closer to the wheel. Hole positions for all the big manufacturers as well. You can put a DD wheel on here, but nothing with a huge amount of force. You can buy the shifter plate for an additional cost if that's what you're into.

    If you want a more "formula" style of pedals, you can put a box underneath it, but there are some really cool DIY ideas as well. I thought I'd need it, but it turns out I don't because of the seat positioning.

    Many people mention the back/top where your head goes will lean in making it uncomfortable, but I haven't had that issue because I have the distance away from the wheel to the 5th red line.

    Now I will say this - the chair is not going to be similar to a $5k base that you attach a $3k wheel to...it's not supposed to be. This is for people who like racing and want to simulate the experience more than using a controller, who don't want to pay a huge amount of money for something they enjoy but aren't hardcore enthusiasts about, and don't want/need to dedicate an entire room. The seating position is a mix of formula and GT so it's a nice blend for both types of people who prefer a certain style (with no annoying bar in the middle of your legs, I forgot to mention that part.)

    Would I buy it again? Absolutely 100%. The price is a bit high - if you can get it around $240 for a new one, buy it immediately. That being said, I paid $270, so the price difference isn't a huge amount, but it's nice to save a few dollars.

    It's a great chair, enhances gameplay, and it's an awesome accessory for gaming.
  78. 100%
    Folds up perfect to store under your bed. Everything fits perfect on it and it's very comfortable.
  79. 100%
    Solid sim racing cockpit and folds up nicely for storage. This is great for PSVR2 GT7 VR racing. My only complaint is that it is a little narrow (I’m 6 feet tall, 90kg) but for the price and portability, this is acceptable.
  80. 100%
    The seat arrived in a nice box. I was afraid to install it but this went very smooth. The seat was installed in good 5 minutes.
    Then I had to add the Thrustmaster wheel and pedals, which took about 10 min more.

    What I liked very much is the 'intelligence' that went into this product. it is very clever made, paying attention to practical details that make your gaming life easier.

    Also the folding and storing of the seat (without having to remove the wheel, goes very smoothly and is done in 2 minutes.

    So great job for the developers of this seat!!

    Thx a lot.
  81. 100%
    I really really love this chair. I was going back and forth between this and the F-GT Lite but since I live in an apartment the folding ability really mattered to me . This chair also looked alot more comfortable. I was pretty much right, its super cozy. I will say that for me personally it didn’t feel as comfortable in an upper right sitting position. But I think this chair works best in the lower most position it can go. Lounge style, because of the head rest position. Ive sat in it for hours and hours and never felt body aches or discomfort. Its a smaller chair so you have to have a small build to fit in it comfortably.

    I tried it with the G29 with zero issues, it fit perfectly. I upgraded to the fanatec and had to get a bit creative with the steering wheel mounting plate - turning the plate around and drilling an extra hole to mount the base in. It was super easy. Because I have the chair in its lowest position there is no weight bearing issue from the heavy base of the Fanatec. Its quite stable. I can even open the bar to get out of the chair and it won’t tilt over.

    The strap that comes with the chair intended to hold the pedals down is not long enough to hold the Fanatec pedals down. So all I did was use Velcro Ties to hold it down to the base and that’s basically all it needed. It holds down perfect with no movement and no tilting.

    This chair alone is amazing and I highly recommend it. Paired with the Fanatec DD Pro, you will have to get a bit creative to make it work but I’m here to tell you that it does work! Folds up and everything .
  82. 100%
    This chair is relatively lightweight and it folds up very nicely with the wheel and pedals still attached. It's really a clever system. It's slightly flimsy I guess, but not in any way that matters to performance. The wheel (I use a Logitech G29) is solid and doesn't flex anything. This is a huge improvement over my janky desk+chair setup from before. I never have to unmount the wheel/pedals!

    It's not the most comfortable chair I've ever used and it took some fiddling to get it where I want, but you never have to re-do the fiddling so I don't really mind. I use a pillow on the back to get my posture right. Now that I've figured it out, it's comfortable enough. I'm 5'10" ~190lb for reference.
  83. 100%
    Don't get me wrong, this is not an 80/20 rig and there is some flex. But it's only as much flex as I expected using a Fanatec CSW 2.5 (peak torque around 8 Nm) and Clubsport V3 pedals with the stiffer brake performance kit. And it's leagues better than a desk and office chair.

    The Fanatec CSW 2.5 bolted directly on without any modifications. The wheel plate can only be in one of its positions to actually fit the Fanatec bolt pattern, but I found that position to be an ergonomically correct position for me (wrists comfortably on top of the wheel with shoulders back and arms extended). The most flex I experience in the whole rig is the tilt axis of the wheel (i.e., pushing away from me or pulling towards me). I think this is because of the system Playseat chose for adjusting the wheel tilt. Maybe in the future they will make a more rigid tilt adjustment mechanism.

    The Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals are way too wide for the included velcro strap. I took forum advice and just zip-tied the everloving heck out of the thing to the pedal bracket. That actually worked surprisingly well. Despite a very stiff brake pedal, I actually get less flex from the pedals than from the wheel.

    As of this review I am 6'0 and 240 lbs, in a fat way not a fit way lol. Honestly, to the other reviews touting how well this fits larger sizes, I'd disagree. The sides were squeezing into my hips and I had to place some foam around the strap brackets to make the pinching a little better. No stars off though, it clearly says there's a 200 lb maximum weight. I don't feel nervous about the chair's strength, it's just sized for normal weight people.

    It's super easy to keep all the gear installed and just fold the chair up. My largest wheel (a 330mm round wheel) does not fit folding up, but that's an easy quick disconnect before storage. And that's obviously a little more overkill than this chair was designed for.

    Overall this is great value for the money and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get their feet wet with a dedicated sim rig but who's not ready to square off half of a room to an 80/20 setup.
  84. 100%
    Very comfortable both for sitting and for those who have no space at home, recommended
  85. 80%
    It's quite comfortable for its price and I'm happy with the purchase, but it's true that the instructions for assembling them are not the best, I had to look for a separate tutorial.
  86. 100%
    I'm so excited to finally have a racing setup at home. This one is the most cost efficient for hobby gamers. I bought the Logitech G29 wheel and pedals days before I got this. Setup was mostly simple with a few gotchas here and there.

    While the position of the seat is comfortable, it cuts off the circulation to my legs. I have very long legs and need my pedals far away, but that lowers the angle of my legs because the seat curves upward. This may not be a problem for you. My solution was adding some padding in the seat to raise me up a bit. The fabric of the seat is really nice and it makes sense why it's so expensive. The stitching of the velcro and fabric is really good too so I'm not worried about any tears or damage.

    Totally worth it. I'm happy with my purchase.
  87. 100%
    Takes some getting used to, but for what it is I gave it 5 stars
  88. 100%
    First package got lost (or stolen) by UPS. Amazon was fast to send out a replacement. It's what I've been missing since I got my Logitech G29 two years ago. It's a nice beginner rig. It is lacking a spot to attach a shifter so it's kind of misleading how the photo under the "From the manufacturer" section shows a shifter attached. There is literally zero space for a shifter.
  89. 100%
    My 11 year old uses this for his racing games. His Logitech wheel and pedals fit perfectly and he likes to sit in the seat and play regular games too. He says it's pretty comfortable. I've had adults 5'11" sit in it and be fine, but it's probably better for shorter folks. Bonus for folding flat and taking up almost no space in my living room.
  90. 80%
    Chair is quite comfortable and was easy to set up everything! Only downfall is I’m to big for it lol I’m 6”5 205lbs so if your taller good luck other then that holding capacity holds me well. Love the chair so far but wheel mounts gonna have to sit till I extend it.
  91. 100%
    I’m 6’3” 300 lbs and was a little concerned whether this would hold me but it’s not bad and feels sturdy. It’s a little uncomfortable after an hour or so but not too bad with proper adjust. If you are tall it’s got plenty of length to stretch out. I’m sure it’s much more comfortable for skinny short people.
  92. 100%
    If you're like me you are unsure about what racing rig to spend your money on. Well, look no further. When removing everything from the packaging I was surprised how GOOD the quality of everything looked and felt. Set up was effortless and took me around 10 minutes start to finish which is a pretty big win in my book. Also included were velcro cable management straps for tucking away all the wires once you have everything mounted. As easy as putting it together was, tucking it away and folding it down for storage WITH everything still attached takes only a minute. Again, that is huge if you are looking for something you wish to keep stored in a closet out of the way when not in use. Adjusting the position of the pedal attachment and steering wheel tilt only takes seconds. The seat is comfortable, sturdy, and well supported with the straps. I'm 6'3" and find it plenty big enough, while I can adjust it for my wife to also use who is 5'2" tall. You will need to purchase the manual shifter attachment if you plan on using one like I did (an extra 20-30 dollars depending on where you buy it from). Again, don't look the looks fool you, this is NOT a folding lawn chair, it is much higher in quality and stability, highly recommended for anyone not looking to spend a fortune on a racing rig.

Enjoy the perfect balance between comfort and stability with the 6 seating positions of X-Adapt™. Fine-tune positions of pedals and wheel to replicate the feeling of being in a car.

Race in comfort with breathable ActiFit™️ material. Its body-conforming design with adjustable rigidity offers superior support. Stay cool during long races with heat dissipation. Feel every input and enjoy optimal feedback.


  • Unique foldable and globally patented design
  • Super lightweight 11.6 KG / 25.57 LB
  • It's fully adjustable
  • Multiple racing positions (GT, Rally orF1)
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • It's quick-and-easy to assemble
  • Durable construction with the best materials
  • It's compatible with all steering wheels and pedals
  • Gearshiftsupport included
  • It works with all consoles

More Information

Product Name
Playseat® Challenge X
Product dimensions LxWxH
140x60x105cm / 55.1x23.6x41.3 inches
11.6 kg
Frame material
Lightweight Carbon Quality Steel
Recommended driver length (cm/inches)
Minimum 120cm / 47 inches | Maximum 220cm / 87 inches
Recommended driver weight (kg/lbs)
Minimum 20kg / 44 LBS | Maximum 120kg / 269 LBS
Package dimensions LxWxH (cm/inches)
60x40x20cm / 23.62x15.75x7.87 inches
Package weight (kg/lbs)
13.5 kg / 29.76 LBS
Item Returns
This item can be returned


  1. 80%
    If you are thinking of buying this do it, it's fantastic. Only flaw for me is where the pedals attach the move about now and then. That's why it's 4 stars. Bit pricey for a deck chair but it's super comfy and really easy to fold up and put it away... BUY IT!!!!
  2. 100%
    Been looking at this model for a year and from the pictures thought it was a over priced camping chair. How wrong i was! Quality and build is great and at 6”2 I feel confortable very adjustable. The wheel platform is sturdy enough and has a neat way of opening to let you get in to the seat. Pedal holder can be adjusted for that F1 lie down position too. For the price it’s impressive!
  3. 100%
    Great product if you're struggling on permanent space.. folds up nicely with pedals and wheels fixed in place. Sturdy enough for the fanatec wheel ... Love mine
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