The authentic  F1® sensations

The authentic
F1® sensations

We’ve partnered with Formula 1® to bring exclusive licensed products to the world.



In partnership with F1®, we are developing and offering a series of officially licensed F1® products,
from versatile and accessible seats to high-end professional simulators.


Much like when F1® drivers immerse themselves in cutting-edge technology and finely tuned equipment,
we will ensure that pro racers and gamers can replicate that professional feel in the training facility or at home,
providing players with a best-in-class virtual experience.



Designed by racers,  for racers

Designed by racers, for racers

The first product available in this series, The Playseat® Formula Intelligence –  F1® Edition not only provides unprecedented stability and adjustability but also replicates the authentic sensations of being in a Formula 1® racing cockpit.


Formula Instinct - F1® Edition


Formula Intelligence - F1® Edition


Genuine f1® racing position

The Playseat® Formula Intelligence –  F1® Edition lets you experience the authentic F1® racing position, verified and endorsed by real F1® drivers.

Direct Drive capable

Offers the possibility to fit a wide variety of direct drive steering wheels and pedals on pre-drilled spacious (and adaptable) base plates. Designed to handle the most powerful direct drive equipment on the market. Provides the authentic feedback felt by F1® drivers.

Maximum feedback With ForceLock™

The patented Playseat® Forcelock™ Technology ensures a secure and stable connection. What sets this apart even further is the ability to make quick and effortless adjustments, providing gamers with ease and precision in fine-tuning their racing position. This feature is designed to cater to gamers of all ages and sizes, making it convenient for players of varying heights and ages to enjoy a customized and comfortable gaming setup.

Unprecedented adjustability with quick release


High-quality PU material, anodised aluminum parts and flow-formed carbon steel tubing provide the most realistic feedback, just like on the track. Playseat® Formula Intelligence - F1 Edition features some of today’s finest materials for ultimate performance and durability.